Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Last 2 days in London

Wayne's first trip to London, so we started with the good stuff...

Wayne the train virgin...

Tower Bridge

Tower of London - traitors gate 0 originally known as trader's gate.

Our Beefeater tourguide

We met up with Anne-Marie (collegue friend from Helderberg)

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and Parliment
our braai.....
Madame Tussades

Wayne and Julia

Captain Jack Sparrow

Excuse me sir!

Now, Tiger, the hole is over there....

Had a bit of an accident in the Chamber of Horrors

Gonna have to get stitches...

Friday, 20 July 2007

Treating Wayne to sights on the way to London....

Check these 2 sexy guys ...are they Englishman or Scotts?

Holy Island: less variety of shells than SA, yet still beautiful.

I think we'd better get a move on...the tide is fast appraoching

Bamburgh Castle - extremely big but amazingly beautiful

Last Sunday, Wayne and I went into Edinburgh while Jimmy prepared for a Funeral. Just some of the sights that I showed him...

Edinburgh Castle

Scotts Monument...this building is extremely old

My good friend Mariette celebrated her 20 -something birthday (a women never reveales her age). It was a braai (barbeque) at the Scottish Mission President's house in Crieff as she and their son Jonathan share a birthday.

the thorn amoungst the roses - left, Linda and right, Mariette...and in the middle.....well

Friday, 13 July 2007

A visit from my ou boet Wayne

My highlight of the year...Wayne flew in from South Africa on the 5th July. Shame..there was a delay of 2 hours in Jhb which caused him to miss his connecting flight to Edinburgh, then had to buy another ticket to Edinburgh for a later flight. He eventually arrived in Edinburgh at 4pm. A longggggggg time to not had sleep! Since then we have not sat still for a day! We left for the Scottish Mission Pathfinder camp in typical Scottish weather just outside Dunfermline. We pitched tents in the rain and got all muddy. Not quite the welcome Wayne was expecting I Jimmy and Marcel had the privilege of baptizing 7 teens in a make shift pool as you will see from the photos below:

Its great having a fellow South African, an great friend...Mariette Kruger from George.

We then left on Sunday for a week holiday at Doniford Holiday Haven, in the county of Somerset, South England.

Some of our sight seeing excursions:
Quaint little historic town of Dunster

Dunster Cathedral
Low tide at Doniford

waterslide at Doniford

Minehead Station - real feel of what it was like in the old days...

seaside, with lovely each to play on..not Eastern Cape though!

Family photo..have we changed?

The Hermans, Bothas and Erasmus (all South African)

Cleve Abbey - entrance

In front of the entrace to the ruins

The sun was very bright!!!

Quaint town of Cheddar, the only place where they made real Cheddar Cheese the old fashioned way. Not sure if I want to eat Cheese any more!

Matt and his sister Meghan. She is now 5 weeks old.