Friday, 29 June 2007

Summer in the UK

So, you ask me what I think of my first summer in the UK? Interresting, apparently this is not the way it is supposed to be. There should be rain, but not this much. So, there were some flooding in England, some hard rain here, but however it came, I enjoyed every minute of it. Before we left SA, some folks said that we will become depressed because of the rain and weather, but coming to think of it, apart from the fact that I like the rain and extreme weather, I remember so many people in SA being depressed about the drought. It is nice to hear though, that there was much snow in areas in SA, where you would never ecpect that.
What else, the other night, we headed home, after visiting folks close to Dundee. It was 12 at night, you would expect it to be dark and see lots of stars. Looking north, you could see that the sun wasn't too fr beyond that horison. It wasn't completely dark, more like it looks about 45 minutes before getting light. Not to mention the fact that the sun sets around 10 pm these days.
You can imagine how strange it is to go to bed when it is stil light outside. So maybe it is not necesary for me to mention that we seldom go to bed before 11 or 12 at night. What an interresting experience.

This week is the start of our family camp at Killberry, which goes until next Friday, i will take lots of pictures. C u then.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Welcome, Meghan Herman!

Our good friends Clifford and Ophelia Herman were blessed with a healthy daughter on her mommy's birthday (4 June). Her brother Matt enjoys being BIG brother. Isn't she adorable!

Yesterday at the Scottish Mission Day of Fellowship, Meghan was dedicated to the Lord. We are very privileged to be Matt and Meghan's godparents. Clifford and Jimmy studied together at Helderberg College (both Theology) and Clifford and Cedrene graduated the same year. Cliff is the pastor of Glasgow and East Kilbride churches.

Monday, 11 June 2007

The Great Scottish Walk

Ever decided to walk 12 miles with a bunch of nice people to raise money for charities? On Sunday, 10 June, we had such a walk. It is an annual thing, and since this was the first year that we had been here, we were novices. Some of the folk in our church have been doing it for quite a while, and so do we intend. Before you do it, 12 miles doesn't seem that far. Then again, it had been quite a few years since I had done road races.

What made the whole experience better, was the fact that Cedrene walked with me all the way, FAST. Well, we didn't have much choice, since we walked with Peter and Hannah and Jonathan. What a ball. Peter doesn't know about walking slow. Then again, if we walked slower, it would have taken us so much longer.

We got there early because we didn't know how to enter etc. So, we found that everybody from our church were sitting in the stand, making jokes, and having lots of fun.

Here are some of the pics of the before, during, and after.
Peter got balloons for him and Hanna
There was a fancy dress compitition...This guys doesn't seem to have his bike?!?Peter and Hanna Making an entrance!!!
Our group, full of energy.
And food!!
These bikes led the race, quite nice machines!!!
On our way to the start, almost, if not, a mile!!!
Yes, just before the start, lots of energy.
The chicken on the roof lead us through some exercise before the start.

Here you can get an idea of the amount of people walking... And how far back we were.
Those balloons can really give you an idea of the future, if you know what I mean.
11 Miles to go, still very fresh.
Only 10 left, getting tough!!

Cow Gate!!

Only 3 miles left, our legs can use a rest.
Yippppeeeeeeeeeee, we can see the stadium!!!

Almost done!!The Stadium entrance!!
There it is, the finish line!!!
Well done guys, next year, same time, same place!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Edinburgh SDA Youth Ceilidh

On Sunday night, we had our own ceilidh in our own church. What a party!!!
We had some entertainment by some clowns.
We were reminded where we are, and we just like it.
And of course, the reason why we were together, the Ceilidh. Ever tried it?
Believe it or not, some of our more senior members also showed us what they had in them.
In TRIPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And up, and round, and under, hehehehe!
You'd better get around, were catching up!!!!
This way Joy!!!!
Morna, and Joy, fasterrrr!!
That's better.
This is the way we used to do it....
Who wears the trousers here?
We can still do this.
Hip Hip, yipeeee............
We still know how, great!!