Monday, 28 May 2007

Holy Island: the progress

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Holy Island

We went to see Holy Island, off the coast of England on Monday, and we planned to see how the tide comes in, cutting the island off.
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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Relationship Seminars

A while ago I hosted an emotional intelligence seminar in our church, and today Cedrene started our series on relationships for young people in our church. It was well attended by the couples, and we plan to spend the next few weeks on a series. Cedrene will help me conduct the series.

Scaring the Sunbathers

How about taking nice close up pics of a 747 flying. I got this photo from I thought I want to go and have at least 2 weeks on that beach. That may be the ultimate thrill for an aircraft enthusiast.
And, when you want to wash the glas for fresh cooldrink, wait for the aircraft to turn on the sandblaster. I think I need a holiday...

Friday, 25 May 2007

Emotional intelligence seminar

Just had a nice seminar the other day.
It was good to have so many people attending such an important seminar. I enjoy very much spending some good quality time with my church members.
Apparently there have been difficult questions.

Thursday, 24 May 2007


I am a bit of an aircraft enthusiast, so sometimes, we go stand on the bridge, just next to the airport, look at the rabbits, and take pictures of the aircraft.I like especially to go when it gets dark. These days, you have to go after 10pm if you want these kind of pictures.
Edinburgh has a very busy airport, and there are planes taking off and landing almost every 2 minutes when it is busy.
I think this is one of my favorite pics.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Golf at the airport

At the airport near Edinburgh, there is a driving range and a par 3 course. I love to go walk there a bit when I need to air my thoughts a bit. Cedrene seems to also want to go along these days. Luckily it is far enough from the airplanes, so you dont have to watch the news all the time, looking for aircraft near Edinbutgh, fell for no apparent reason.
Cedrene took a few pics, of me hitting a few balls toward her, one of which actually hit her on the leg.
Another one...
Then we started our game.... My ball went to the green....
Well, she tried again.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

A night in Edinburgh at Christmas time

Just next to the Scot Monument, you find this lovely wheel thingy, where you pay lots of money, and then ride a bit. Very nice to walk around here at night and see all the lights, and drink coffee, no ice cream, too cold.
Its very beautiful at night in Edinburgh during the Christmas season. So many lights and attractions.
The swings looked attractive, but I think there was a queue.
This ferris wheel goes slow, and I am sure you can see very far, definitely not the London eye.

The different views from our flat.

Cedrene knows how to take good pictures.
A bright evening, in autumn.

This picture was taken shortly after we arrived in Scotland, when there were still lots of leafs in the trees, and it was still warm. The 3 steeples you see are from the same building, and what a beautiful church it is. It looks close, but is it more than a kilometer from us.
This was another day, just a normal autumn day, I guess, and everyday looks different from any other. You don't always know what to expect.
Sometimes, it looks like Edinburgh is cut off. Sometimes the is a lot of fog or mist, and sometimes there is just too much rain or precipitation and it cuts off the city.
In winter, the sun rises around where you see it now, rises slightly higher than what you see there, goes across to the westand sets again around 3:30pm.
The start of another beautiful day.